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Dear business owner, you may not realize it but the relationship between your business and its credit card processing company is not unlike a partnership.  Just like a business sells its products or services and earns a profit from those sales, its credit card processor earns a percentage of every dollar that the business processes via credit card or debit card regardless of how profitable (or not) those sales are to the business.

The processor's success or failure depends entirely on the success or failure of the businesses it provides these services to

Gateway Merchant Services wants to partner with your business so you keep more of what you earn. Gateway will provide a no obligation and complimentary analysis of your current merchant processing services and provide a detailed cost comparison for you to consider our services over the competition.  If you are like most business owners, you don’t have the time to review every detail of your business’ costs and you probably don’t know how much you are paying for your credit card processing or how to reduce these costs.  If your processor is like most, they want to keep it that way because the less you know the more they earn from your sales.

Gateway will not only offer lower rates but we will also advise on the best methods and procedures to make sure you understand how to qualify each transaction for the lowest rates. We are confident that the processing solutions outlined in our proposal will meet the unique needs of your organization and we are excited about the possibility of building a relationship with you. 

We look forward to providing you the best and most reliable processing services in the industry today. 

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